Tractatenblad van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden

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Ministerie van Buitenlandse ZakenTractatenblad 2003, 117Verdrag


Verdrag inzake Antarctica;

Washington, 1 december 1959


De Engelse en de Franse tekst van het Verdrag zijn geplaatst in Trb. 1965, 148.


Zie Trb. 1965, 148.


Zie Trb. 1967, 63.


Zie Trb. 1965, 148.


Zie Trb. 1965, 148, Trb. 1967, 63, Trb. 1973, 140, Trb. 1976, 34,1 Trb. 1980, 180, Trb. 1983, 57 en 180 en Trb. 1987, 68.

Behalve de aldaar genoemde hebben nog de volgende staten in overeenstemming met artikel XIII, derde lid, een akte van toetreding bij de regering van de Verenigde Staten van Amerika nedergelegd:

Canada 4 mei 1988
Colombia 31 januari 1989
Ecuador 15 september 1987
Estland 17 mei 2001
Griekenland 8 januari 1987
Guatemala 31 juli 1991
Noord-Korea 21 januari 1987
Oekraïne 28 oktober 1992
Oostenrijk 25 augustus 1987
Turkije 24 januari 1996
Zuid-Korea 28 november 1986
Zwitserland 15 november 1990

Verklaring van voortgezette gebondenheid

De regeringen van de volgende staten hebben de regering van de Verenigde Staten van Amerika medegedeeld zich blijvend gebonden te achten aan het onderhavige Verdrag:

Slowakije per 1 januari 1993
Tsjechië per 1 januari 1993


Zie Trb. 1965, 148 en Trb. 1967, 63.


De regering van China heeft de regering van de Verenigde Staten van Amerika medegedeeld dat het onderhavige Verdrag per 20 december 1999 van toepassing is op de SAR Macao.


Zie Trb. 1965, 148, Trb. 1967, 63, Trb. 1968, 21, Trb. 1969, 83, Trb. 1971, 154, Trb. 1973, 140, Trb. 1976, 34, Trb. 1978, 141, Trb. 1980, 180, Trb. 1983, 57 en 180 en Trb. 1987, 68.

Hieronder volgt een volledig overzicht van alle Aanbevelingen en Maatregelen die door de Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) zijn aangenomen en waarvan sommige in eerdere Tractatenbladen zijn opgenomen:


Maatregel Nr.
ATCM V-2Consultative Parties to continue to cooperate with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), to consider the usefulness of creating Antarctic Meteorological Centres in the Antarctic.
ATCM V-3SCAR to be encouraged to continue its interest in the Southern Ocean and to make available advice to the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) Coordination Group.
ATCM V-5Modification of Specially Protected Area (SPA) 12 (Fildes Peninsula).
ATCM V-6Modification of Agreed Measures.
ATCM V-7Consultative Parties voluntarily to take account of SCAR proposals to modify the Interim Guidelines on Pelagic Sealing.
ATCM VI-1Consultative Parties to adopt the proposals in the Final Report of the 1969 Antarctic Treaty Meeting on Telecommunications as guidelines, and to try and implement them in their plans for expeditions.
ATCM VI-2Exchanges on the basis of VII.5 and I-6 of the Antarctic Treaty (AT) to include information on telecommunications facilities.
ATCM VI-3Consultative Parties to adopt the attached Annexes as current bases for planning, to implement them to this end as far as practicable, to invite the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to review the Annexes from time to time and to advise the ATCM of the results.
ATCM VI-6Consultative Parties to provide information to others on the use of radio isotopes.
ATCM VI-7Consultative Parties to try to ensure that tourists and other visitors uphold the Treaty and Recommendations, to inform them on do's and don'ts, to notify other Consultative Parties about expeditions.
ATCM VI-8Introduction of permits for entry into Specially Protected Area's (SPA).
ATCM VI-9Consultative Parties to transmit information on the conservation of flora and fauna to national Antarctic committees and to invite SCAR to assemble
Maatregel Nr.
 and publish this information and to prepare reports on the status of species.
ATCM VI-10Coppermine Peninsula Specially Protected Area (SPA).
ATCM VI-11Consultative Parties to consult over new islands in order to give them special protection and to prevent tourists from landing on them.
ATCM VI-12Exchange on the basis of AT VII.5 and Rec I-6 para 8 to include information on scientific research rockets to be launched from Antarctica.
ATCM VI-13Information exchanged annually to include information about ships carrying out substantial oceanographic research programmes in the Antarctic.
ATCM VI-14Consultative Parties to adopt adequate measures for the preservation of historic monuments and to mark them in situ; to prepare a list of historic monuments for consideration at ATCM VII.
ATCM VII-1Consultative Parties to discuss SCAR's advice on environmental matters, given in response to Rec. VI-4, and to adopt it as voluntary guidelines.
ATCM VII-2Consultative Parties to adopt criteria for the selection of Specially Protected Area's (SPA), and to ask SCAR to review the existing SPA's and the need for new ones in the light of the criteria.
ATCM VII-4Consultative Parties to keep effects of visits by tourists and other visitors under review, to consider designating Areas of Special Tourist Interest, and to try and apply the provisions of the Antarctic Treaty and Recommendations to visitors not sponsored by Consultative Parties.
ATCM VII-5Import of laboratory animals and plants.
ATCM VII-8Consultative Parties to use common transport facilities as much as possible and to consult on arrangements and financing.
ATCM VII-9Consultative Parties to adopt a proposed list of historic monuments.
ATCM VIII-1Specially Protected Area (SPA) 17 (Litchfield Island).
ATCM VIII-2Terminates Specially Protected Areas (SPA) 6 (Cape Crozier), 10 (Byers Peninsula), 12 (Fildes Peninsula).
ATCM VIII-3Institution of Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) (criteria, management plans required, expiry dates).
ATCM VIII-4SSSI 1(Cape Royds), 2 (Arrival Heights), 3 (Barwick Valley), 4 (Cape Crozier), 5 (Fildes Peninsula), 6 (Byers Peninsula), 7 (Haswell Island).
ATCM VIII-5Modifies Agreed Measures on entry permits for Specially Protected Area's (SPA).
ATCM VIII-6Consultative Parties to use standard format annexed for annual exchange of information, to be carried out before 30 November. Modifications to be reported before 30 June.
ATCM VIII-7Consultative Parties to identify the ways in which a cooperative air transport system might be useful, to inform SCAR via SCALOG (SCAR working group on Logistics) and to request SCAR to draw conclusions and inform Consultative Parties.
ATCM VIII-8Consultative Parties to urge states with activities in the Antarctic to become Non-Consultative parties, and Non-Consultative Parties to approve Recommendations that have become effective.
ATCM VIII-9Consultative Parties to promote awareness of the Statement of Accepted Practices. Visits to stations to proceed in accordance with Rec. IV-27. Consultative Parties to require reports from tour organisers on visits to stations, and to forward such reports to ATCM.
ATCM VIII-10Consultative Parties to undertake and encourage various activities to the end of protection, scientific study and rational use of Antarctic marine living resources and to include the item on the agenda of ATCM IX.
ATCM VIII-11Consultative Parties to carry out environmental impact assessment and take other measures recommended in code of conduct.
ATCM VIII-12Consultative Parties to try and keep Antarctica free from nuclear waste.
ATCM VIII-13Consultative Parties to protect as much as possible and to continue to monitor the Antarctic environment.
ATCM IX-1Consultative Parties to continue to study and discuss a future regime on Antarctic mineral resources, and in the meantime to urge nationals and other states to refrain from exploration and exploitation of mineral resources.
ATCM IX-4Consultative Parties to request SCAR to continue the work of the Sub-Committee on Cooperative Transport Systemfor Antarctica and to adopt what SCAR may come up with.
ATCM IX-5Consultative Parties to approve a declaration on the protection of the Antarctic environment.
ATCM IX-6Consultative Parties to study various matters with respect to oil contamination and to hold an expert meeting.
ATCM X-2Consultative Parties to seek conclusion and entry into force of a CCAMLR (Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources) and to cooperate in activities facilitating its operation once it is in force.
ATCM X-3Consultative Parties to improve the collection and the distribution of Antarctic meteorological data, and to ask SCAR to prepare a telecommunications handbook.
ATCM X-4Consultative Parties to refer problems in connection with the removal of geological specimens to SCAR for further study.
ATCM X-5Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) 8 (Admiralty Bay).
ATCM X-6Expiry dates for Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) 1-6 extended to 30-6-1985, SSSI7 to 30-6-1983.
ATCM X-7Consultative Parties to encourage oil contamination studies, to ask SCAR to keep under review the possibility of further research, and to consider whether their existing obligations under international agreements could be sufficient.
ATCM X-8Consultative Parties to modify Rec. VIII-9 Annex A, to comply with specified government-government arrangements for help/advice to non-governmental expeditions, to encourage tour operators to use experienced guides, and to discourage commercial overflights.
ATCM XI-3Mount Erebus declared a tomb.
ATCM XII-1Consultative Parties to maintain and improve collection and distribution of meteorological data in cooperation with the World Meteorological Organisation.
ATCM XII-2Consultative Parties to use the existing Antarctic telecommunications systems effectively, and satellite communications as appropriate. SCAR to be asked to examine and advise on satellite telecommunications issues.
ATCM XII-3Consultative Parties to make IEE's (Initial Environmental Evaluation) and, if necessary, CEE's (Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation), to ask advice from SCAR and to discuss matters further at ATCM XIII.
ATCM XII-4Consultative Parties to seek advice from Antarctic operating agencies on problems in implementing the code of conduct (VIII-11) and the need to revise it.
ATCM XII-5Expiry dates for Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) 1-8 extended to 31-12-85.
ATCM XII-6Duties of ATCM Host Governments with regard to the distribution and publication of ATCM reports and documents.
ATCM XII-7Monument 44 (Dakshin Gangotri) added to List of Historic Monuments.
ATCM XII-8Consultative Parties to consider favourably requests for funding of costs to SCAR for advising of Consultative Parties.
ATCM XIII-1Recommendations with regard to the improvement of ATCM and the Antarctic Treaty Handbook and better availability of Antarctic Treaty reports and documents, content of information exchanges on the basis of Antarctic Treaty, reports to SCAR and scientific data.
ATCM XIII-2Item 'Operation ATS (Antarctic Treaty System): reports' to be permanently on agenda ATCM.
ATCM XIII-3Modifies Rec. VIII-6. The deadline of 30 June in the Annex, paragraph II is changed to 30 November, etc.
ATCM XIII-4Consultative Parties to invite SCAR to undertake a comprehensive review of the waste disposal aspects of the code of conduct annexed to Rec. VIII-11.
ATCM XIII-5Consultative Parties to ask SCAR for advice on the areas system and the possible inclusion of new types of areas and to request advice from SCAR on improvement of comparability and accessibility of scientific data on Antarctica.
ATCM XIII-6Antarctic Program Operators of the Consultative Parties to consult together over stations in each other's proximity.
ATCM XIII-7Expiry dates for Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) 2-8 extended to various dates between 1987 and 1995.
ATCM XIII-8Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) 9 (Rothera Point), 10 (Caughley Beach), 11 (Tramway Ridge), 12 (Canada Glacier), 13 (Potter Peninsula), 14 (Harmony Point), 15 (Cierva Point), 16 (Bailey Peninsula), 17 (Clark Peninsula), 18 (White Island), 19 (Linnaeus Terrace), 20 (Biscoe Point), 21 (Shores of Port Foster).
ATCM XIII-9Modification of management plan for SSSI 1 (Cape Royds), expiry date extended to 31/12/95.
ATCM XIII-10Specially Protected Area (SPA) 18 (North Coronation Island).
ATCM XIII-11Specially Protected Area (SPA) 19 (Lagotellerie Island).
ATCM XIII-12Specially Protected Area (SPA) 20 (New College Valley).
ATCM XIII-13Revision of Specially Protected Area (SPA) 7 (Cape Hallett).
ATCM XIII-14Recommendations XIII-10 to 13 to be considered as guidelines until effective.
ATCM XIII-15Host Government of ATCM's to invite non-consultative parties to the meetings.
ATCM XIII-16Historic monuments 45-52 to be added to the List of Historic Monuments.
ATCM XIV-1Modifies Rec. XII-6 para 4 on public availability of documents.
ATCM XIV-2Consultative Parties to adopt a forerunner to Annex 1 (applicable to scientific activities only).
ATCM XIV-3Conditions under which scientific drilling may take place. Recommendation to be adopted as a guideline.
ATCM XIV-4Expiry date of SSSI 2 extended to 31/12/97.
ATCM XIV-5Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) 22 (Yukidori Valley), 23 (Svarthamaren), 24 (Summit of Mt Melbourne), 25 (Marine Plain), 26 (Chile Bay), 27 (Port Foster), 28 (South Bay).
ATCM XIV-6Institution of Marine Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) (criteria, management plans, expiry dates).
ATCM XIV-7Consultative Parties to adopt new or amended documents annexed on the collection and dissemination of meteorological data and cooperate with the World Meteorological Organisation and SCAR in this regard.
ATCM XIV-8Historic monument 53 (Elephant Island).
ATCM XIV-10Consultative Parties to invite WMO and SCAR (in coordination with the IOC) to consider ways of improving meteorological and sea ice information services and thereafter, if necessary to convene an Expert Meeting.
ATCM XV-3Consultative Parties to adopt a fore-runner of Annex III.
ATCM XV-4Consultative Parties to take measures to prevent marine pollution.
ATCM XV-5Consultative Parties 1) to encourage and to undertake environmental monitoring activities as well as keeping accurate records of activities in the Antarctic Treaty area, to ask SCAR for advice and 2) to convene an expert meeting.
ATCM XV-6Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) 29 (Ablation Point-Ganymede Heights), 30 (Avian Island), 31 (Mount Flora).
ATCM XV-7SSSI 32 (Cape Shireff).
ATCM XV-8Modifies Agreed Measure VIII by introducing the requirement for Specially Protected Area's (SPA) to have management plans.
ATCM XV-9Consultative Parties to improve the descriptions of Specially Protected Area's (SPA) and to develop management plans for them. SCAR to have regard to this when considering proposals for SPA's.
ATCM XV-10Institution of Specially Reserved Areas (SRA's).
ATCM XV-11Institution of Multiple-Use Planning Areas (MPA's).
ATCM XV-12Historic monuments 54 (Stonington Island) and 55 (McMurdo Station).
ATCM XV-13Description of historic monument 53 (Elephant Island) modified.
ATCM XV-14Declaration on the promotion of international scientific cooperation.
ATCM XV-15Consultative Parties to promote international scientific cooperation according to Article II and III of the Antarctic Treaty, working through SCAR.
ATCM XV-16Consultative Parties to work towards data directory listings, a scientific data directory and an Antarctic Scientific and Environmental Data System under the aegis of SCAR, and to convene an Expert Meeting after completion of a draft work programme to be developed by SCAR.
ATCM XV-17Consultative Parties to consult with one another over the establishment of new stations, to prepare a Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation (CEE), and to help Non-Consultative Parties with choice of siting and CEE.
ATCM XV-18Consultative Parties to try and improve meteorological and ice sea information services and to participate in IGOSS programmes as soon as possible; to refer a report to WMO and, after its review there, to invite SCAR and COMNAP to recommend appropriate action to ATCM XVI.
ATCM XV-19Consultative Parties to increase cooperation in hydrographic survey and charting and to coordinate their activities within the framework of IHO (International Hydrographic Organization) or SCAR.
ATCM XV-20Consultative Parties to take measures to improve air safety in the Antarctic Treaty area.
ATCM XV-21Consultative Parties to exchange information on the exploitation of icebergs and to ask SCAR for advice.
ATCM XVI-1Exchange on the basis of Art. VII-5 Antarctic Treaty to include information on implementing legislation of Antarctic Treaty and Recommendations.
ATCM XVI-2SSSI 33 (Ardley Island), 34 (Lions Rump).
ATCM XVI-3Marine SSSI 35 (Western Branfield Strait), 36 (East Dallmann Bay).
ATCM XVI-4Specially Protected Area (SPA) 21 (Avian Island).
ATCM XVI-5Revised management plan for SSSI 6 (Byers peninsula), to last until 31-12-2001.
ATCM XVI-6Revised management plans for Specially Protected Area (SPA) 8 (Dion Islands), 9 (Green Island), 13 (Moe Island), 14 (Lynch Island), 15 (Powell Island), 16 (Coppermine Peninsula), 18 (Coronation Island) and 19 (Lagotellerie Island).
ATCM XVI-7Expiry dates for Sites of Special Scientific Interest 4, 5, 7, 10-12, 18 extended to 31-12-2001; for SSSI 22 to 31-12-2003.
ATCM XVI-8Specially Protected Area (SPA) 22 (Cryptogram Ridge).
ATCM XVI-9Specially Protected Area (SPA) 23 (Forlidas and Davis Valley Ponds).
ATCM XVI-11Historic monuments 56 (Waterboat Point), 57 (Yankee Bay), 58 (Whalers Bay), 59 (Half Moon Beach) added to the List of Historic Monuments.
ATCM XVI-12Consultative Parties to implement the Seismic Data Library System.
ATCM XVII-1Consultative Parties to ask SCAR to do research and together with COMNAP (Committee of Managers of National Antarctic Programmes) to provide data on the effects of human activities on Antarctica and advice on the monitoring of these effects.
ATCM XVII-2Annex V management plans for Specially Protected Area's (SPA) 1-3, 20.
ATCM XVII-3Historic monument 60 (Penguins Bay) added to List of Historic Monuments.
ATCM XVII-4Consultative Parties to welcome, encourage and support SCAR initiatives in global change research, to give high priority to such research.
ATCM XVIII-1Consultative Parties to circulate annexed Guidance for visitors and Guidance for organizers and operators of tourism, and urge compliance.
ATCM XIX-M1Revised management plans for Specially Protected Area (SPA) 13 (Moe Island) and 15 (S. Powell Island).
ATCM XIX-M2Revised management plan for SSSI 11 (Tramway Ridge).
ATCM XIX-M3Establishment of Specially Protected Area (SPA) 24 (Pointe-Geologie).
ATCM XIX-M411 monuments added to the List of Historic Monuments.
ATCM XIX-M5Amendment to Historic Monument No. 14: Inexpressible Island.
ATCM XX-M1New management plans for SSSI 9 (Rothera Point) and 19 (Linnaeus Terrace).
ATCM XX-M2Historical monument ``Mikkelsen Cairn" to be added to the List of Historic Monuments.
ATCM XXI-M1New management plan for Specially Protected Area (SPA) 5 (Beaufort Island).
ATCM XXI-M2Management plans for Specially Protected Area (SPA) 25 (Cape Evans) and Specially Protected Area (SPA) 26 (Lewis Bay Tomb).
ATCM XXI-M3Revised management plans for SSSI 11-15; SSSI 37 (Botany Bay).
ATCM XXI-M4Lewis Bay Tomb to be added to the List of Historic Monuments.
ATCM XXI-M5Description of Historic Site No. 41 (Stone Hut on Paulet Island) modified.
ATCM XXII-M1Management plans for Specially Protected Area (SPA) 27 (Cape Royds), 28 (Hut Point) and 29 (Cape Adare).
ATCM XXII-M2Wreckage of large wooden sailing ship on SW coast of Elephant Island to be added to the List of Historical Monuments.
ATCM XXIII-M1Revised management plan for SSSI 23 (Svarthamaren).
ATCM SXII-M1Revised management plans for Specially Protected Area (SPA) 14 (Lynch Island), 19 (Lagotellerie Island), 20 (New College Valley) and SSSI 8 (Admiralty Bay), 17 (Clark Peninsula), 22 (Yukidori Valley), 34 (Lions Rump).
ATCM SXII-M2Expiry dates for Sites of Special Scientific Interest 1-3, 16, 20, 21, 24-29, 31, 32 extended to 31 December 2005.
ATCM XXIV-M1A hut of Scott Base to be added to List of Historical Monuments.
ATCM XXIV-M2Ruins of Base Pedro Aguirre Cerda on Deception Island to be added to the List of Historic Monuments.
ATCM XXIV-M3Management Plans of SSSI Nos. 4 (Cape Crozier), 5 (Fildes Peninsula), 6 (Byers Peninsula), 7 (Haswell Island), 18 (Northwest White Island), 33 (Ardley Island), 35 (Western Bransfield Strait), and 36 (East Dallman Bay) extended to 31-12-2005.
ATCM XXV-M1New Management Plans for ASPA 106 (Cape Hallett), 107 (Emperor Island), 108 (Green Island), 117 (Avian Island), 121 (Cape Royds, subject to CCAMLR approval), 123 (Barwick and Balham Valleys), 124 (Cape Crozier), 126 (Byers Peninsula), 130 (Tramway Ridge), 137 (Northwest White Island), 147 (Ablation Point), 148 (Mount Flora), and 157 (Backdoor Bay) approved.

Uitgegeven de vierde augustus 2003

De Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken,



De tekst van de Aanbevelingen en Maatregelen is ter inzage gelegd bij het Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, Directie Economische Samenwerking.


Op 2 oktober 1990 heeft de Bondsrepubliek Duitsland de depositaris medegedeeld dat door de hereniging van de Duitse Democratische Republiek met de Bondsrepubliek Duitsland, met ingang van 3 oktober 1990, de twee Duitse Staten nu één soevereine staat vormen, die als partij aan het Verdrag inzake Antarctica zullen zijn gebonden.